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Our writing classes are separated into four fundamental levels:

1. Sentence writing

2. Paragraph writing

3. Essay writing

4. Research writing

Students will be placed according to their level after an assessment.


Classes for Level 1 are 60 minutes while classes from Level 2 and above are 90 minutes.

What is included in one writing unit? A writing style is covered along with an introduction to grammar skills that suit the writing style. 

For example, students would practice:

  • Argumentative writing

  • The different fallacies that they should avoid

  • The use of modal verbs in an argumentative essay

Students are required to purchase a copy of the workbooks once they are enrolled in the program. We ask for a writing sample from the student prior to their first session.


Writing is a skill that requires plenty of practice and perseverance. 

In order to write well, students must understand the basic parts of the English language to add meaning to the words they use.

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