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Academic Skill

Academic Skill focuses on mastering English. It focuses on improving vocabulary, effective learning techniques, and test-taking skills.


We understand how important it is for students to develop study habits to last them a lifetime. Our academic skill program aims to supplement students' reading comprehension and writing ability. Students will practice vocabulary, grammar, and learn test-taking skills to help them succeed. Our academic skill program is split into three services. This program is offered to grades 2-10.


In our academic skill program, students will be learning and practicing on vocabulary. 

Our program ensures students will be able to fully understand new words through quizzes, writing examples, and speaking during class. 

1 on 1

We offer 1-on-1 for students that want to improve their vocabulary and test-taking strategies. Our specialized curriculum requires students to put in all effort. *Space is limited.

Test strategies

We understand students, no matter what grade, can demonstrate their knowledge in the subject of Language Arts but may struggle when taking tests. For this program, we teach students test-taking strategies to settle for the correct answer, get rid of test-taking anxiety, and note-taking habits to help them succeed for their next test!

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