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We offer two programs (Reading & Writing) with three classes total that emphasize reading comprehension, writing ability, and academic skill. Each program offers for different grade level and students will take an assessment to be placed in a class of their grade level.



Focuses on improving reading comprehension for books and scientific articles for 1st - 6th graders. They also build skills to be great communicators through projects.

Focuses on developing different writing styles so students are able to clearly communicate their thoughts for all grade.

Focuses on improving vocabulary, grammar, and test-preparation strategies for all grades.

Program Overview

Which program is best for my student?

All students must take an assessment prior to joining to be placed in a class dependent on their English level. After the assessment, there will be a consultation call to go over the results and recommendations for which program will be the most beneficial to the student.

Program Class Size

All of our classes have a low instructor-to-student ratio, typically around 3-6 students. We believe each student deserves the best attention to improve. This also lets students speak and participate more easily.

Classes are either in-person, hybrid, or online.

Can I sign up for more than one program?

Yes. Typically students show the most improvement when they sign up for more than one program because of our unique curriculum to focus on your students' needs. 

Tuition & Discounts

Which program is best for my student?

There is a one time assessment fee of $50 and material fee of $75. If you join within 24 hours of the consultation call, the assessment fee will be waived. 

We offer a 10% discount on MathPlex tuition if you join both ReadingPlex and MathPlex.

Pricing for programs differ dependent on factors such as, frequency and type of program, and will be elaborated during the consultation

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