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Welcome to ReadingPlex

We are an English tutoring center for students of all grades. Our holistic approach to learning and education ensures your student will improve as learners, thinkers, and speakers in English. Most importantly, we encourage students to fall in love with reading and writing!

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We offer two programs: Reading and Writing

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Focuses on improving reading comprehension (book club) and improving vocabulary for 2nd - 10th graders.

Focuses on different styles and formulating each student's unique voice.

What Students Gain from Our Programs

ReadingPlex was founded because a lot of students, mine included, are comfortable reading books, however, it was unclear if they fully understood the deeper meaning of the text.

ReadingPlex students improve their reading comprehension, writing ability, and vocabulary.

In all of our programs, we teach methods to develop life-long study habits. This includes: effective note-taking skills, test-taking strategies for successFrom these methods and program content, students become critical and independent thinkers!


We go beyond thinking - we want students to become effective speakers. From our programs, there are student-led presentations to demonstrate their reading comprehension, writing ability, and use of vocabulary to become great speakers!


4680 Irvine Blvd, Suite #201

Irvine, CA 92620

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