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Summer Camp 2024

Sign up for our summer camp before spots are full! Click the link to register. 

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*Regular classes are still available over the summer. All regular classes are switched to 4PM - 5:30PM. Enrollment for regular classes are available. 

Get Ready for Summer!

Our program focuses on: 

Critical Reading - Students will read informational article units that focus on social studies or science. These units will expose students to academic vocabulary and give students ample practice for reading comprehension skills.

Creative Writing - Students are tasked to write a chapter for a story with guided instruction on SHOWING details and actions rather than summary writing. The goal of this class is to use descriptive writing with vivid details.

Literary Analysis - Students will read a short chapter book. They will be given instruction on annotation and literary elements. At the end of this unit, they will publish a literary analysis essay in response to a prompt. These responses require an in-depth understanding of the author's purpose and the text.

Reading & Presentation - Students will read an informational article unit that focuses on social studies or science. They will take notes and decide which articles will help them answer their research question. At the end of the unit, they will present their findings to the class and practice public speaking skills.

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