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The Importance of Reading

Updated: Mar 3, 2022


Does your child find reading boring and frustrating? Do they struggle to understand what they are reading? Although classrooms push for better scores in reading and writing, that is not

always the outcome. National reports show that the majority of children are not scoring at proficient or higher in reading. Although teachers are doing their best to provide students with rich reading experiences, it is still difficult to meet the needs of 30 students all at once.

Here at Reading Plex, we understand the importance of developing reading skills and a love of reading at an early age. This is why we have developed a Book Club to address your student’s needs in a small group setting. We want to provide the extra support and exposure to reading that will set your child on the track to success. Here are a couple of reasons reading is so important, and why we do what we do.

Academic Success in Literature and Beyond

Reading Comprehension Skills apply not only to reading literature, but to reading history, science, and math textbooks. When a student develops grade level comprehension skills, that will translate to other subjects as well. Students will learn how to think critically and analyze material. Reading Comprehension skills are necessary for every job and profession as well, making it difficult to navigate this world without the ability to read well and think critically.

Exposure to New People and Places

Through books, children are exposed to people they might have never known about or places they may never travel to. This experience allows children to expand their knowledge of the world, cultures, and new ways of thinking. This develops citizens who are aware of issues in the world and the perspectives of other people, providing them with the skills necessary to make the world better. Reading about other places and times will also foster a child’s creativity and imagination as they explore brand new worlds!

Writing Skills

One of the most valuable parts of reading, especially for young readers, is being exposed to how stories are written. Students are able to see punctuation and grammar in well written stories. They learn new vocabulary words that they can use in their own writing. They see characters developed, arguments made, and themes written across pages. The more students read, the more examples they will have from which to draw their own writing skills.

Socio-Emotional Growth

Not only is reading important for academic growth, but reading can also enhance a student’s socio-emotional growth. Students can read about characters that are different from themselves and begin to understand varied perspectives to build empathy. Most books contain powerful themes and lessons that can resonate with students in profound ways. Students who read are able to see their own emotions mirrored in a character as well. This allows students to feel seen and recognize their emotions as a valid experience others go through as well.

When it comes to developing these reading skills, the sooner the better! Invest in your student’s future, and get them the support they need before they fall behind. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can support your student.

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