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We want students to actively learn the author's intent, form their own opinions, speak in discussion, be comfortable giving presentations, and improve vocabulary and test-taking skills. 

Our Reading program is centered around Discussion Club, where students focus on reading narrative books and informative articles, showing textual evidence, and presenting their opinions. The program also focuses on vocabulary practice and test-prep.

Reading classes are split by students' grade level after taking an assessment. We offer discussion club for grades 3-10 and classes are split by reading comprehension level.

All classes explore grade-level academic vocabulary and take quizzes to assess their understanding. We understand how important it is for students to develop study habits to last them a lifetime. Our classes aim to supplement students' reading comprehension and speaking ability.

Classes are either in-person, hybrid, or online.


2nd - 3rd Grade

We understand it is important for students, particularly in the early elementary grade, to develop good reading habits. Our program focuses on reading books that are exciting and fun to make reading enjoyable for students!

Our 3rd grade curriculum focuses on: 

  • Students' confidence and stamina when reading chapter books.

  • Understanding overall themes.

  • Being comfortable in participating and speaking with their peers.

4th - 5th Grade

Students will get practice in different styles of reading to improve their comprehension. They get introduced to and develop critical reading skills. They also start on vocabulary practice and English test prep.

Our 4th - 5th grade curriculum focuses on: 

  • Narrative, biographical, and informational books and articles.

  • Understanding the author's purpose, plot, themes, and character analysis. 

  • Using textual evidence to support their opinion during the book discussion. 

  • Vocabulary quizzes and test-prep.

5th - 6th Grade

Students will use their critical reading skills for all genres of books. They are reading more advanced literature and have more exposure to reading comprehension for all subjects. 

Our 5th - 6th grade curriculum focuses on: 

  • All genres of books, including poetry. 

  • Science and social studies reading comprehension and note-taking.

  • Using critical reading skills and presentation.

  • Vocabulary quizzes and test-prep.

6th - 8th Grade

Students perform literary analysis on all genres of books. They read higher-level literature, practice research, practice public speaking and presentation skills. They take vocabulary tests and English test-prep.

Our 6th - 8th grade curriculum focuses on: 

  • Understanding literary elements and writing a literary analysis essay.

  • Forming research questions, using evidence, and giving a presentation. 

  • Vocabulary tests and test-prep.

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