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We want students to actively learn the author's intent, form their own opinion, speak in discussion, and be comfortable giving a presentation.

Discussion program centers around students reading narrative books and informative articles, showing textual evidence and present their opinion.

Discussion Club is split by students' grade level after taking an assessment. We offer discussion club for grades 1-8 and classes are split by reading comprehension level.

Classes are either in-person, hybrid, or online.


Lower Elementary Grade (1-3) 

Upper Elementary Grade (3-6) & Middle School (7-8)

We understand it is important for students, particularly in the lower level, to develop good reading habits. Our program focuses on reading books that are exciting and fun to make reading enjoyable for students!

Discussion sessions aim to improve:

Students will be improving their reading comprehension through a wide variety of ways. Per semester, students will read fiction novels and scientific articles. They will be discussing the content of the text and voicing their opinion on novels or articles.


Discussion sessions aim to improve:

  • Students confidence and stamina when reading.

  • Understanding overall themes.

  • Being comfortable in participating and speaking with their peers.

  • Identifying different elements of plot in novels.

  • Discussion skills - practicing note-taking and finding evidence from the book to support their opinion.

  • Presentation skills - students using information they gathered to create their own presentation and practice being a confident and effective speaker.

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