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Meet Our Instructors!


Winnie Liang,


Hi! My name is Winnie Liang, and I graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a bachelor's in English and Education. During my undergraduate career, I conducted research related to teaching English Learners and my university’s own after-school program. In my studies, reading has always been an empowering vehicle of knowledge. As a personal hobby, reading allows me to explore the wonders of the world with the turn of another page. I strongly believe the knowledge in books can empower youth to take on any challenges they may encounter in life through literacy. Reading is a fun and enjoyable experience! As an instructor and avid reader, I hope to share my love for reading, learning, and exploring with students at ReadingPlex.

Our Commitment

Here at ReadingPlex, we strive to make reading engaging and fun. Learning is more meaningful when students can understand and relate to the content they learn in class. 

We take a holistic approach to teaching. We work with the knowledge, ideas, and opinions students bring forth to our book discussions. By connecting these ideas to the book and back to real-world issues and theories today, students learn to converse deeply about topics that are brought up at home, at school, and out in the world.

We hope that with our guidance and instruction, students are prepared to explore the world outside of their comfort zones and approach the world with curiosity and wonder. 

Peter Benson on the Sparks of Youth

Peter Benson explains the importance of igniting the sparks in youth. These sparks are key motivators for students to learn, act, and thrive.

The Stars

Student Works

Our students absorb the contents of the book and apply their knowledge in the form of various artistic mediums. Click the button below to look at their works!


Image from PenPalSchools.comClick on the website to learn more about social-emotional learning.


 Inculcating Empathy and Reflection to Empower Youth

Our lessons prompt students to consider the underlying themes and the author's message and purpose. 

Why is it important to connect the book to the real world and our local communities?

We ask students to analyze the motivations behind a character's actions. We ask them to connect it to the historical time period. We ask them to assume the characters' perspectives. 

These actions help students to empathize and reflect on their own lives. Students also learn about their own place in the world and how to make responsible decisions as aware individuals.

Empathy is crucial in children's socio-emotional development. Children need to be able to understand other people on a personal level in order to establish successful, long-lasting relationships in the future. This can also help them integrate into the workforce as collaborators and teammates in the near future.

Reflection is especially important for children's personal development. By looking back at their actions and reviewing other people's responses, children can determine the direction of their own growth and development.

Image from Buffalo County Community Partners.

Click on the website to learn more about social-emotional learning.

Sessions Available Online!

Take the opportunity to help your child develop the 4 C's of the 21st Century. The 4 C's are Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking.

These skills will help your child succeed in the classroom, in their personal lives, and in the workplace!



What Parents Have To Say:

"My daughter joined ReadingPlex seven months ago and it’s been a wonderful learning experience. They have an amazing group of instructors so kids are well directed and facilitated. Each activity they do is related to the books and enhances reading comprehension. I can see my child try to organize her thoughts to make predictions and to put her ideas into concise words. She finds reasons and evidence to support her thoughts. She is more focused and confident now and enjoys every minute of the meeting! I would recommend Reading Plex to any parents who want their children to be better readers."
Parent of Seyon Ahn, 3rd Grade
Faded Shapes

Stellar Students, Super Reviews!

Check out our student reviews from 5th grade student, Renee Yang, and 3rd grade student, Chloe Chung.


Read Renee's creative short story on our Student Works section under our About Us page!